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  • Pham An Khang

    Pham An Khang

    Author of Machine Learning System Design course on educative.io, Machine Learning Design Interview book and ML interview on github. Top 1000 Medium writers.

  • Rajneesh Tiwari

    Rajneesh Tiwari

    Data Science Manager

  • Samuele Mazzanti

    Samuele Mazzanti

    Machine Learning Engineer | Striving for simplicity.

  • Kaggle Team

    Kaggle Team

    Official authors of Kaggle winner’s interviews + more! Kaggle is the world’s largest community of data scientists. Join us at kaggle.com.

  • S. G.

    S. G.

    I mostly write about programming, interviews and self improvement.

  • Eric 'Siggy' Scott

    Eric 'Siggy' Scott

    AI researcher, language enthusiast, and modern Stoic practitioner

  • Fahim ul Haq

    Fahim ul Haq

    Co-founder at Educative.io — creating hands-on courses for Software Engineers. Previously: Engineer at Facebook, Microsoft.

  • Vinodh Kumar Ravindranath

    Vinodh Kumar Ravindranath

    Data Scientist. Part-time social activist. Participant in Politics. Learner. CTO @Belong.co. Ex-Googler.

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